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Saturday, December 04, 2021
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Community Outreach News

A major focus of this work area is to survey and respond to needs in the local community. Some of the areas (this is not intended to be all inclusive) include providing food baskets for the needy in the surrounding area during the Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, overseeing our local church food pantry, participating in the Love for Children Bonus Bucks project, coordinating our participation in the annual Kalamazoo Crop Walk and donating to various organizations who provide for the needy.
To coordinate, plan, carry out, and evaluate the congregations outreach ministries (for Christian unity and interreligious concerns, church and society, community volunteers, missions, religion and race, health and welfare ministries.)
To learn about the hopes and concerns of people in the congregation and community
To be familiar with the overall goals of the congregation, how these relate to outreach ministries, and how the ministry group (work area) might extend the goals of the congregation.
To support the work of the church leadership.
To link with organizations, people and resources of the congregation and community that share hopes and concerns related to outreach ministries.
To cooperate in ministries and programs with other United Methodist congregations and with congregations of other denominations.
Meetings for the Outreach Committee are to be held the 3rd Sunday of the month unless conflicts arise with other functions and in that case, meetings will be held as determined appropriate.
 The following is an outline of what the Outreach Committee is all about. We are looking for volunteer and monetary support from the community. Please contact Jim Cole – Outreach Committee Chairman at 373-1607 if you would like to obtain more information as to how you can help. It is not necessary to be a church member to volunteer your time and if you would like to volunteer but don’t see anything of interest listed, please let me know and we can discuss.
Also, we meet the 3rd Sunday of each month @ 11:45 am in our Adult Sunday School room on the first floor (come in West Entrance) – you are invited to come see what we are about and what you can do to help others less fortunate.
                                                                 OUTREACH COMMITTEE
                                            MISSIONS AND MINISTRY OUTREACH
                                        Descriptions of Functions and Opportunities for Service



Crop Walk

This annual walk is held nationally to gather funds for hunger. Churches take part by advertising the event, signing up walkers and pledges for the walkers. After the walk is completed which usually covers a number of blocks in downtown Kalamazoo, the pledges must be collected and sent in to the Crop Walk National Organization – 25% of the funds are used for local needs and 75% for oversea missions.


Opportunities for Service

1. Participate in the CROP Walk

2. Work on getting others to participate in the CROP walk

3. Assist in getting others to donate to the CROP walk

4. Donate to the CROP walk



Food Bank of South Central Michigan

The Food Bank serves as a solicitor, storehouse and distributor of food on behalf of nonprofit charity groups serving the needy. The Food Bank is a non-profit tax-exempt organization that serves 8 counties. The Food Bank supplies 250 non-profit agencies. These agencies operate emergency shelters, soup kitchens, food pantries, senior citizen programs, after school programs and day care centers.

Located at 5451 Wayne Road, P.0. Box 408, Battle Creek, Mi 49016 Phone 1-888-895-3663

Volunteers, food and monetary donations always welcome. Individuals, married couples and businesses receive a Michigan tax credit for monetary donations made to the food banks. Your tax advisor can provide additional details.



Opportunities for Service

  1. Volunteer on any of the many Food Banks such as the one in Battle Creek

  2. Donate to the Food Bank

  3. Assist in getting others to either volunteer or to donate

  4. Assist in getting the word out about the growing need for food for the significantly increasing number of people living below the poverty level.


Contact: Dan Salerno at 1-888-895-3663


Kalamazoo Gospel Mission

A downtown mission that provides chapel service and three free meals per day along with clothing for those in need and assistance in finding housing for men, women and family units. They also provide assistance for battered and abused women and kids.

Located at 448 North Burdick Street, Kalamazoo, Mi 49007 Phone (269)345-2974

Volunteers, food, clothing, miscellaneous household items, personal care items and monetary donations always welcome.


Opportunities for Service

  1. Volunteers needed to help with a variety of takes at the center on Burdick Street.

  2. Volunteers needed to help on fund drives to raise money for food and facility expenses

  3. .3. Donate on a personal basis

Contact: Maureen at 345-2974


Kalamazoo Loaves and Fishes

Feeding the hungry since 1982. Loaves and Fishes provide emergency food assistance to people in need in Kalamazoo County, through a network of 25 food pantries located in area churches. In addition to emergency food, they provide most of the food for the Ministry with Community Soup kitchen and supply surplus food stuffs to senior citizen meal programs, shelters and other community agencies that feed the hungry.

Located at 913 East Alcott Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49001 Phone (269) 343-3663

Volunteers, food and fresh produce and monetary donations always welcome.


Opportunities for Service

  1. Volunteer at the warehouse on Alcott for Screening or to do repacking or other misc. tasks

  2. Volunteer to help at any of the over 25 pantries in the area.

  3. Assist in working on fund drives to raise donation money

  4. Assist in transporting food from the various areas around the region to the warehouse.

  5. Provide donations on a personal basis.

Contact: Anne Lipsey at 488-2617



Ministry with Community

Downtown’s daytime shelter with unconditional acceptance. This service is provided to homeless, poor, mentally ill and hard to serve adults. Two meals are provided daily. They are open every day of the year from 10 to 12 hours a day. This building also houses the Kalamazoo County Emergency Overnight Shelter, the Homeless Health clinic, and a Loaves and Fishes food pantry. They provide a number of services such as laundry facilities, haircuts, lockers, and a mailing address and phone number for the homeless. They assist these people in obtaining birth certificates and Michigan ID as well as offering any other legal assistance in applying for applicable benefits if any. Their drop in center gives a place for the lonely, homeless, and hungry to get warm, enjoy a cup of coffee, and visit with others in an atmosphere of dignity.

Located by 440 North Church St, Kalamazoo, MI Phone (269)343-5880

Volunteers, food, miscellaneous items and monetary donations always welcome.


Opportunities for Service

1. Volunteers needed in all areas for all services

2. Donations needed for all programs


Contact: 343-5880



Bonus Bucks


This program funds a store located at the Sunnyside Methodist Church. Parents earn points by helping their kids at school and then they can turn in their earned points for all Non Food items such as the following which are always needed. It is great way to get the parents more involved in the school activates and to become more closed associated with helping their children with all education activities.


























The parish nurse may be contacted for consultation on various health questions, availability of health resources and other related medical information. Uses the art of listening and relating effectively, refers needs of the congregation to the pastor. The nurse is available to take blood pressures if needed on a request basis. Re-supplies first aid kits as necessary.


The parish nurse makes visits to shut-ins and those hospitalized when notified and as time permits.


Coordinates a Blood donation program if one is scheduled.

Contact Person – Jason Gumper – 629-9747


Food Pantry Parchment United Methodist Church


The Food Pantry at PUMC started in 1982 and has been in operation on a weekly level every week since that date.

As most of you know, the activity of our Food Pantry has grown at a steep rate starting with 9/11 but in particular, the rate of growth has really increased starting about 6 months ago.

We currently are open 5 days a week and serve approx 450 people and 150 families per month from the local area.

The Food Pantry end of the year 2008 report totals 1,084 households containing 3,389 people were served by the PUMC pantry. This is about 50% more than the previous year 2007.

We are currently located at St Ambrose on G Ave.


Opportunities for Service

  1. Donate money each week

  2. Donate food each week

  3. Volunteer to help at the warehouse weekly

  4. Volunteer to help at the yearly Mail Carriers Food Drive






People attending the Parchment United Methodist Church are asked to donate food items and money to use for the food baskets that are distributed to those families who have been selected through the Family Independence Agency for Thanksgiving and Christmas and from the Parchment schools for Easter. The list of the recipients is sent to our church and appropriate amounts of food are prepared for these families. Volunteers are necessary to collect the food, pack and label and deliver to the appropriate people. Money is needed to purchase meat for each, such as hams at Easter and turkeys for Christmas and Thanksgiving and other food items. Special gift cards are attached to each food delivery with greetings and to show that the gift is from the Parchment United Methodist Church.




Martha’s Table


Martha’s Table is hosted at First Congregational United Church of Christ, 129 South Park Street, Kalamazoo every Sunday evening


The purpose of Martha’s Table is to provide an intimate environment for church communities and homeless people to build nurturing, long term, mutually transforming relationships with one another. Homeless guests will be welcomed warmly, treated with dignity and respect to experience Christian fellowship through worship and a meal. However, the meal and worship service are not ends in themselves but rather a beginning, an entry, into a deeper and sustained relationship.


Churches are enrolled to introduce themselves and their worship to homeless guests with the hope of embracing them into the life of the church, supporting them in their journey out of homelessness. In turn, homeless guests will bless the churches with a better understanding of poverty and street living and encourage them in their Christian commitment to respond to those realities. It may be that those who start out as homeless guests eventually become integrated into the life of the church, find housing and then work with Martha’s Table as hosts to others looking to make the same transition.



Warm Kids



WARM KIDS is dedicated to providing new coats, boots, hats and mittens for children identified by their elementary school staff as being in need. Infants and preschool children identified by local agencies also receive snowsuits, coats and boots from WARM KIDS.



WARM KIDS is funded through donations from caring individuals and organizations. The purchasing power of donations is maximized through the teamwork of over 70 volunteers, donated distribution space, and special wholesale buying arrangements with local businesses.



You can play a vital role in funding WARM KIDS’ effort to protect children from the elements of winter. Every $45 enables us to provide a warm new coat, sturdy boots, hat and gloves to a child this November. Your generosity will be truly appreciated by many children and families.



Opportunities for Service – Give Clothing and or donations



Contact Leslie Lami-Reed and the Warm Kids volunteers


Home phone: 269-329-0882




Lending Hands of Michigan


The mission of Lending Hands is to lend various kinds of medical, home health and other related equipment, for free and on a temporary basis, to anyone living in our service area without regard to age, race, sex, creed, income or disability.

Lending Hands is an all- volunteer Michigan nonprofit social service organization located in Portage, Michigan, lending home medical equipment, for free for up to 9 months. Our equipment inventory includes, bath benches, bath tub rails, bed rails, canes, commodes, crutches, dressing sticks, hi-rise toilet seats, hospital overbed tables, IV stands, leg lifts, reachers, shoe horns, shower stools, sock-aides, transport chairs, walkers and wheelchairs plus other misc similar related items.


Goals are:

1. Provide quality service to those in need

2. Give thanks and goodwill to donors.

3. Provide care, recognition and support to volunteers

4. Build lasting relationships with our communities.


Opportunities for Service

  1. Donate all kinds of medical, home health and other related equipment that is needed.

  2. Volunteer for assistance at facility in Portage.


Contact: John Hillard 269-567-4381